To worry is to be. To be is to worry.

Contact Joel

To spam or not to spam;
that is the question.
The answer is to not spam.

There are a number of ways to attempt to get in touch with Joel. None of them are particularly good, but feel free to try if you think you can help him to earn some money or you think youíd make a good friend. Heís a lonely guy.

E-mailís always an option. Joelís e-mail address is joel at Of course, with hundreds of pieces of spam coming in every day and three independent spam filters all working hard to block them, there's a good chance that he or his faulty technology will inadvertently delete your e-mail before he reads it. But e-mail is still a good first try.

Donít even think, not even for a second, of text messaging or instant messaging him. If you donít know why, buy his book. It answers all.

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